The School is spread over 190 acres of land. The buildings are well-spaced out, allowing for spacious lawns and shady, fruit and flowering trees, shrubs and flower beds. The students are encouraged to take interest in their maintenance and to experience the pleasure which can be derived from flowers and trees.

The Junior and Girls Sections have their own playing fields and lawns equipped with children’s playing apparatus.

The Senior Section is provided with two large cricket-cum-athletic fields, several full size hockey and football grounds, two basketball courts, two squash court, six lawn tennis courts and a gymnasium.


Two Swimming Pools, with filtration plants, one for the Junior and the other for the Seniors, are available. They are fully equipped with diving and spring boards. In summers, swimming is compulsory for all boarders.


The School maintains over 30 horses of various sizes suitable for boys / girls of all ages. Students who join Riding Club are charged accordingly.