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September 2020

5 Saturday: General Staff meeting

11 Friday: Disinfection of Boarding Houses

12 Saturday: Inspection of Boarding Houses

14 Monday: Boarders report back


Term 1 (15th September –14th November 2020)   

15 Tuesday: School re-opens

21 Monday: Orientation Session  C2–S2 (Boys) and (Jr. & Girls P6-C3)

22 Tuesday: Orientation Session  Prep Section

24 Thursday: English Essay Writing Competition 

October 2020

1 Thursday: Urdu Essay Writing Competition (Open) 

2 Friday: Inter House Bilingual Declamation Contest (Jr.)

5 Monday: Essay Writing Competition on the life of Quaid-e-Azam (Eng)

9 Friday: Inter-House English Prize Debate (Sr.)

10 Saturday: Photography Competition (Explore SADIQ)

12 Monday: Inter-House Debate Urdu (Prep)

17 Saturday: Inter-House Urdu Prize Debate (Sr.)

24 Saturday: Inter-House Debate English (Prep) 

26 Monday: Essay Writing Competition on the life of Quaid-e-Azam (Urdu)

30 Friday*: Eid Milad un Nabi     


November 2020

2 Monday: Inter-House Quiz (Prep)

9 Monday: Allama Iqbal Day

Term 2 (15th November –30th January 2021)

December 2020

14-24: Mock Examinations for C3, S2, S3, I1, I2, H1 & H2                           

24 Thursday: Boarders leave for home after School

25 Friday: Quaid-e-Azam’s Birth Anniversary & Christmas Day

Winter vacation (25 December-11th January)

January 2021

8 Friday: Disinfection of Houses

9 Saturday: Inspection of the Houses (9.00 AM to 10.30 AM)

9 Saturday: General Staff Meeting (11.30 AM), Boarders Report back before sunset

11 Monday: School re-opens

19 Tuesday: Qira’at Competition (Jr.)

23 Saturday: Qira’at Competition Open (Boys & Girls) 

28 Thursday: Inter-House Quiz (Jr.) + EAG Annual Conference/meeting

30 Saturday: On-line K0/K1–K5,P6-C2/S2 Admission Test & Interview  (30–3)



Term  3 (31st January – 31st March 2021)

February 2021

5 Friday: Kashmir Solidarity Day

13 Saturday: Inter House Quiz (Sr.)

15 Monday: Re-Admission Consent form from parents of S3

19 Friday: Founder’s Day

26 Friday: Photography Competition


March  2021

9 Tuesday: Flower Show                  

15 Monday: Prefects 2020-21: short listed Candidates’ names from Hd.M (S,G)

23 Tuesday: Pakistan Day

29 Monday: Annual/Promotion Exams  (March 29-April 10)


Summer Term (12th April – 31st May 2021)

April 2021

12 Monday, School re-opens

27 Cambridge Examinations (A Levels) First examination

Click this link to see the full CAIE examination schedule.

Note that the above timetable does not account for the recently-announced delay in the O level examination session.


May 2021

1 May Saturday Labour Day

15 Saturday Cambridge Examinations (O Levels) First examination (dealyed by CAIE till May 15)

June 2021

11 Friday Cambridge Examinations (A Levels & O Levels) Last examination


Holidays (to be confirmed)

30 Oct 20    Eid Milad un Nabi*

25 Dec 20    Quaid-e-Azam’s Birth Anniversary & Christmas Day

05 Feb 21    Kashmir Solidarity Day

23 Mar 21   Pakistan Day

12 April 21   Ramzan*

14 May 21   Eid-ul-Fitr*

*Subject to the appearance of the Moon.

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