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Sadiq Public School offers full boarding to all students.


Boarders are fully supervised and all houses are comfortable, well furnished and equipped with modern facilities. Prep/study rooms, dining rooms, and sleeping quarters/dorms/rooms are all air-conditioned.  

Boarders learn how to live in a community environment, sharing experiences with people of their own age from all over Pakistan.


Our aim is to foster a safe, lively, and happy community.

There are 7 boarding houses accommodating more than 500 boys and girls.


Each House is staffed by a resident Housemaster / Housemistress assisted by Assistant Housemaster / Housemistress and resident full-time House Superintendent / Housematron. 

Boarders have 24-hour health and medical care with the onsite Senior Medical Officer and the School Hospital.

Given the varied requirements of the different age groups, the modern facilities within the houses vary slightly but inside each is found provision for study, a common room, a music room, computer rooms, a TV room and a kitchen/ tuck-shop in addition to the bedrooms and the office.


Boarders also have access to other facilities which are supervised for their use outside school hours, e.g. library, sports facilities, swimming pool, tennis courts, Riding Centre, etc.


House trips are common for example to the Bahawalpur Museum, Lal Sawarha National Park, Derawar/Cholistan Desert, Multan...


Boarding students are provided with breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. A catering supervisor appointed by the school ensures nutritional and varied menu.

The diet includes milk and fruit, and the menu caters for sufficient quantity of each variety of food necessary for good health and sound growth. On medical advice or on personal request special diet is supplied to individual children at extra cost.

Kitchens and dining rooms are attached to each Boarding House and the students dine under the supervision of the Housemasters / Housemistresses, or Housematrons / Superintendents. In addition all children are provided afternoon refreshments and juniors are given bedtime milk.


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