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Houses Staff


Junior Section (K0-K5)

Kamal Pasha House
Babar House (Day Pupils)
Khalid House (Day Pupils)
Rabia House (Girls)
Mariam House (Girls)
Prep Section (P6 – C1/S1)
Alamgir House (North Wing)
Alamgir House (South Wing)
Farid House (Day Pupils)
Shahbaz House (Day Pupils)
Girls Section
Fatima House
Amna House
Farrell House (K0-H2/I2)
Hajirah House
Zainab House
Khadija House
Ayesha House
Senior Section (S2/C2 - I2, A Level)
Abbas House
Mahmud House
Salahuddin House
Iqbal House (Day Pupils)
Jinnah House (Day Pupil)
Sir Syed House (Day Pupil)
Anwar Sikandar House (Day Pupil)
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