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Sadiq Public School believes in maintaining an open, positive, and supportive relationship with students, parents, old-Sadiqians, and general visitors. We aim to communicate with students and parents as openly and quickly as is reasonably possible and we request the same of parents, especially regarding any matters that may affect a student's learning or attendance in School. 

If parents would like to meet with the Principal or Heads of Schools, they are advised to call to request an appointment stating the purpose of the meeting and a preferred day and time.


With around 2500 students in our School, we are always extremely busy, attending assemblies, monitoring lessons, examinations, clubs, and sports events, visiting boarding houses in the evenings, and attending to the ordinary day-to-day routines of running a large and very busy school.

We will always do our best to accommodate requested meetings, but we request understanding and patience as our first priority is always the day-to-day happenings within the school. Urgent requests, questions, issues are usually best communicated by email. 

With security being our primary concern, drop-in/unarranged meetings are simply not possible.

Thank you for your understanding. 



Sadiq Public School

Ahmadpur Road


Punjab, Pakistan







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