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Apply for admission

Please note: There are limited numbers of places in classes and boarding houses. Sadiq Public School reserves the right to accept or reject applications without giving any reason; all the conditions for the application, including this one, are presumed to be accepted by the applicant and his/her parents.


The typical admission application process is:

1. Application submitted

2. Application reviewed

3. Admission test will be conducted (Syllabus for admission test)

4. Interview

5. An offer of admission made by email

6. Acceptance of offer

7. Admission confirmed only after all documents have been submitted and verified including all Admission Fees and medical clearanace given by School's Chief Medical Officer (see below).


NOTE: Sadiq Public School reserves the right to accept or reject applications without giving any reason.

Applications for admission are submitted online - click on the following text to access the online application form:.

Online Admission Form

Admission Application Fee (non-refundable):

The Admission Application Fee shall be paid as follows:

Attach a Demand Draft/ Pay Order and Bankers Cheque (Rs. 7800/-) in favour of "Principal Sadiq Public School" to an application that is submitted in hardcopy

The Admission Application Fee (Rs7800) is non-refundable. 

The Coordinator of Admissions and Examinations will contact those who have submitted applications.

Admission inquiries may be made by email to:   OR

Download Paper Admission Form

The following documents must be submitted (uploaded in the application process) with the application

  1. Passport photo of Applicant

  2. Father's CNIC

  3. Mother's CNIC

  4. Applicant's Smart card / B-Form

  5. Father's Police Clearance Form (PCF)

  6. Vaccination card (for all standard vaccinations, e.g. polio, Covid-19, tuberculosis etc.)

  7. Most recent academic report from previous school

  8. School Leaving Certificate (this may be submitted after the application is made but MUST be submitted before joining the School)

  9. Examination results card (Matric, O Level etc)

  10. Download the code of conduct, Admission Declaration and Undertaking Attendance  for online admissions. Fill and sign the code of conduct form, upload a scanned copy of the form with other documents.

  11. Demand Draft/ Pay Order and Bankers Cheque in favour of "Principal Sadiq Public School" worth Rs. 7800/-

Sadiq Public School is very proud of The Progressive School, our on-campus school for the children of our support staff - the cleaners, grounds staff, security staff, mainteance staff - all the people who keep Sadiq Public School operating every day, who keep the flowers growing and the sports fields green and tidy, and the staff who protect us all. The Progressive School provides education, uniforms, books & stationery, and exam fees for 350 students from Kindergarten to Class 10. You can read more about The Progressive School on our website.

The Progressive School is 100%-funded by the Sadiq Public School community. Please consider adding an amount to your Application Fee as a donation to our community service project. 100% of your donation will be added to The Progressive School Fund and so will contribute to the education of 350 Bahalwaplur children.

Thank you very much for your kindness.

Syllabus for admission test

Admission is subject to:


1. Medical Clearance. The School Medical staff's clearance through a medical check at the School Hospital. New admission students' parents should call the School's Hospital staff to arrange a suitable time for the medical check. 

New boarding students are required to bring a negative PCR test that is less than  72 hours old, ie from the time the test was taken, not from the time the result was received. Due to some invalid/fake tests and the resulting health risk posed by these, boarders' PCR test results must come from one of the following 5 approved providers: Chughtai Labs, Aga Khan Labs, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Labs, Government Hospital Lab., and CMH/MH Lab. 

2. Payment of Admission fees as below:


The Vinculum is a one-off, refundable guranatee/insurance to protect Sadiq Public School against the financial loss of unpaid fees/charges. It is paid at admission and is refunded by being credited to the last Term's account. The Vinculum is inflation-adjusted, annually. 

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