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During the current Covid-19 situation, with the School closed, applications for admission can be submitted online.

Online Admission Form

Application Fee:

The application fee may be paid as follows:

Attach a Demand Draft (Rs. 5000/-) in favour of "Principal Sadiq Public School" to an application that is submitted in hardcopy, or 


Scan and attach the Receipt of Transaction for an online bank payment to the following account Account title:

Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur

A/C#: 0116403010023001

Branch Code: 1164

MCB Model Town "A" Branch


When the Admissions Session resumes, The Coordinator of Admissions and Examinations will contact those who have submitted applications. 



Admission inquiries may be made by email to:   OR

Downloads (click on the links below)

Download Admission Form

Following documents are required with admission form:


  1. Photo of student

  2. Father's CNIC card

  3. Mother's CNIC card

  4. Father's Police clearance report

  5. Student's CNIC card / Smart card / B-Form 

  6. Student's vaccination card

  7. Most recent academic report from previous school

  8. Examination results card (Matric, O Level etc)

  9. Demand Draft worth Rs. 5000/- in favour of "Principal Sadiq Public School" or receipt of transaction in the following account

      Account title: Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur 

      A/C#: 0116403010023001

      Branch Code: 1164

      MCB Model Town "A" Branch Bahawalpur.

Sadiq Public School is very proud of The Progressive School, our on-campus school for the children of our support staff - the cleaners, grounds staff, security staff, mainteance staff - all the people who keep Sadiq Public School operating every day, who keep the flowers growing and the sports fields green and tidy, and the staff who protect us all. The Progressive School provides education, uniforms, books & stationery, and exam fees for 350 students from Kindergarten to Class 10. You can read more about The Progressive School on our website.
The Progressive School is 100% funded by the students and staff of Sadiq Public School. Please consider adding an amount to your Application Fee as a donation to our community service project. 100% of your donation will be added to The Progressive School Fund and so will contribute to the education of 350 Bahalwaplur children. 
Thank you very much for your kindness.

Syllabus for admission test 2020

Admission fees 

Admission is subject to:


1. The School Medical staff's clearance through a medical check. 

2. Payment of Admission fees as below:

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