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Our Health Centre, located in the separate Hospital Building, is well equipped and staffed to meet the routine and emergency health needs of our students. Three Medical Officers including Resident Medical Officer assisted by nursing orderlies and dispensers are in charge of a 14-bed School Hospital with a standby ambulance provide on site care for illness and injuries 24 hours seven days a week. Medical care in the school is provided by staff trained in the latest first aid techniques. Senior Doctor visits the School daily to attend to individual student appointments. He is available for consultation and emergencies at any time. Children are subjected to frequent medical and dental examinations and health reports are prepared. Hospital Ambulance is also well equipped with latest health care facilities. 

In case of serious illness, the parents are informed immediately and are kept posted regarding the patients' progress. Serious cases are treated by specialists; the school can also call upon local medical services if required. We encourage you to discuss your child's health with our doctor, and we welcome your calls to the Health Centre should you have any concerns you wish to discuss.

The girls’ hostel has a two bed sick bay. Medical and dental examinations are done and health reports are prepared.

New students may have some adjustment issues after arriving at Bahawalpur. It is not unusual for a student to feel homesick after arrival, and we are accustomed to helping students through such a period. Our health and counselling staff will be glad to assist students with difficulties at any time during their years at Sadiq Public School.

Our goal is to promote and maintain the physical and emotional wellness of our students. We encourage students to visit us in the Health Centre and to know that help and advice are always readily accessible.


Morning Physical Training and evening games are compulsory for boarders; the day pupils are encouraged to attend.

Facilities for cricket, hockey, football, tennis, swimming, basketball, squash, athletics, riding, gymnastics and badminton are available.

Members of the Staff are detailed for the supervision and coaching of games. Qualified coaches are engaged for major games whenever necessary.


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