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University and Career Counseling Department

Sadiq Public School has introduced a new system of university guidance and counseling provision with the aim of affording more comprehensive and personalized support for our senior students as they go through the complex process of applying to institutions of higher education whether in Pakistan or abroad.

Counselors will help reinforce our students’ understanding of specialist disciplines such that they are able to make more fully informed higher education choices appropriate to their specific skills and interests.

Currently, the following are the team members of the University and Career Counseling Department.

  1. Mrs. Asma Bajwa 

  2. Mr. Fahad Adnan

  3. Dr. Waqas Akhtar

  4. Mrs. Fatima Saeed

Mrs. Asma is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the USA. She is also a recipient of the Women Leadership Training in Economics Award (WLTIE) and was elected as a fellowship scholar of Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany. In her career she worked in both academia and in the development sector as well as at the U.S. Mission via the Fulbright Centers across Pakistan.

Mr. Fahad is an Old Sadiqian from the class of 2003 and is currently the Associate Regional Manager of Pakistan, the Middle East and Europe for Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. His expertise, which he has kindly offered to share with the SPS community, includes group and one-to-one student counseling on opportunities to study in Australia.

Dr. Waqas Akhtar holds a doctorate in Physics from Islamia University in Bahawalpur. He has 11 years of teaching experience and has been actively involved in national and international research groups at various universities and institutes, notably The Ultrasound Research Institute in Canada, The European Society of Radiology in France and The Medical Physics Association, also in Canada.

Mrs. Fatima holds an MS in Computer Science from Islamia University in Bahawalpur and has been serving as a lecturer in Computer Science at Sadiq Public School for the last 8 years. Prior to this she worked on a part-time basis as a lecturer at both undergraduate and Masters level.


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