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We are delighted with our outstanding Cambridge Examinations results, including Armeen Amjad's remarkable 5 A*s in A Levels.

Sadiq Public School provides a high-quality, holistic education. We encourage all of our students to become knowledgeable, principled, and caring citizens. 

A Sadiq Public School education is for much more than just examination results, it is for a good and meaningful life. We aim to develop well-rounded and balanced boys and girls who show a love for life-long learning, compassion for others, and service to their country. We do this through a wide range of learning experiences including expertly-delivered lessons, team sports, theatre, environmental clubs, and community service.


We are humbly proud of our boys and girls. We love them and care for them like they are our own.


Mr Peter Giddens


B.Com., Dip.Tchg, M.Sc.

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