From the Principal


Assalaam o aleikum - Peace be upon you.

This is the most appropriate way to greet others within our community - to wish Peace to be upon them. 

What is Peace? What does it feel like? Safety, comfort, a feeling of calm, and  a sense of contentment.

How can we feel safe, comfortable, content, and calm in school? By preparing and practising. Whether it is a feeling of safety when about to face a fast bowler in an interhouse cricket game, or a feeling of calm before an examination; preparation and practice lead to a feeling of peace. 

Doing what's right leads to feeling peaceful. Doing the right thing means we need not feel afraid. "Do the right, fear no man."

Everything we do here at Sadiq Public School is to bring our students to a state of Peace; to feel safe, calm, content, and comfortable. We wish for Peace to be upon all of our boys and girls every day, here in Sadiq Public School and in their homes. 

Assalaam o aleikum. 

An holistic education - what does that mean?​

To be a well-rounded and balanced citizen of the world we have so much more to learn than apostrophes, 47 + 23, covalent bonds, metaphors, the causes and consequences of climate change, and the human digestive system. 

We need to learn reliability and trust and we can learn this by playing team sports. If all of a team's players play their part, their team mates can rely n them and we can trust our team mates. Team sports also teach us to play hard, but to play fairly, within the rules and not beyond them, to respect the rules, the referees, and their decisions.

We should all learn to respect and love others. No matter our differences we are all more the similar than we are different. If we can help others, we should. Not for reward, but simply because someone needs help. 

An holistic education aims to teach the whole child. Academics, creativity, values, community service, a sense of adventure... all the makes a fully-functioning, caring, principled and knowledgable citizen of the world.

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