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Sadiq Public School

Do the right, fear no man



1. Submission of:

(i) An Application for Enrolment

(ii) An Application for Enrolment by hand at School Main Gate No.1

(iii)An Application for Enrolment through courier at the following address: ‘’Controller Office Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur’’

2. Personal character reference

3. School reports (effort and attendance)

4. School/community involvement and participation certificates

5. Personal interview

6. Involvement  in other fields of endeavour (sport, music, arts, special interests)

7. Willingness to contribute to the boarding community at Sadiq Public School



Muhammad Wasay Akram

Indicate Class in 2023


Date of Submission

2 December 2023




Muhammad Akram

Father's Name:

Malik Allah Ditta







Kousar Parveen

Father’s/Husband’s  Name:

Zahoor Ahmad





The following information is to be completed by the applicant:


1. Describe your level of participation at school or in your community.*

I have been participating in a multitude of activities throughout my stay at SPS. In the last two years, I participated in the inter-house debate and the school's essay writing competitions. I also represented the school at an Inter-school essay writing competition last year. Furthermore, I also served as the treasurer for the school's science society where I indulged in discussions regarding the school science exhibition and a school trip that was to be organized by the science society. I also participated in the classroom with great zeal and zest and often delivered class presentations.

2. Describe ways you have demonstrated leadership at school, at home, or in your community.

Last year, before the Cambridge exams, many of my class fellows were worried as they had to appear in 8 exams in the same examination session according to the school policy. Many of them had decided to take some of the exams in the May/June session and appear privately in the rest of the subjects later on. I was also anxious as taking 8 exams together seemed tough to me at first therefore I urged my classmates to present this issue before the school administration. We met the Headmaster and expressed our concerns and later on, the school decided to let students appear in some subjects in the October-November examination session.

3. Describe how you demonstrate care and concern for those you live with- your family and friends or others in your community.

I always look out for the underprivileged in the community and try my utmost to help them as much as I can. Last year as the Cambridge exams were coming up, I always used to spend my free lectures helping my fellows with studies especially those who were having a hard time attempting the practice questions. At home, I always help my siblings to the best of my capability and help them with their studies.

4. Do you participate in any clubs or community groups? *

Yes, I served as the treasurer of the school's science society the previous year.

5. Is there any other information you wish to provide to support your application for a Scholarship?

Throughout the 7 years that I have spent at Sadiq Public School, I have participated in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities such as debates, quizzes, swimming gala, performing arts, essay writing competitions, etc and I have also been achieving academic awards since K5. I was also declared the best boy prep section in C2. I managed to score 8A* in my O-level results and also got an HM award at a MUN conference. Moreover, I have maintained my attendance throughout my stay at Sadiq and have ensured that none of my actions breach the school rules and regulations.

6. If successful in being awarded a Scholarship, how would you contribute to the Sadiq Community?

I would strive to make Sadiq better as an institution in multiple ways. I would ensure that I prove to be of the utmost help to my fellow Sadiqians, helping with through my experience and knowledge. I would try my best to always be available for them when they need my help in academics or any other aspect of school life as this would create a more cooperative and friendlier environment within the student body. Furthermore, I would try to initiate community service projects within the school along with other students thus instilling a sense of community and social service among the student body. I would ensure maximum participation in school events so that I can serve the school whenever I get the chance.



I have attached an Application for Enrolment:

  • School reports of the last two years

  • Personal character reference from the last school attended

  • Awards for school or community participation

I will ensure I am available to participate in an interview (online or in person at Sadiq Public School)

Signature of Parent/Guardian:                                                                                                                               Date:

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