Five digit roll no required
e.g: "00124" or "G0012"
(month/day/year) e.g. "03/21/2000"
School Roll No
Date of Birth

Student Guide


Open the link below: OR on the Home Page click on “Homework Portal” menu then click on “student login”

Following screen will appear in front of you


Enter your School roll number and date of birth according to the given format and click on login button. The following screen will appear


Choose your class and section, after choosing the class and section all the homework assignments will appear in front of you (as seen below) download the homework assignment and complete it.

Students: Please complete all the work/activities in your normal notes/copybooks.
From time to time the teachers will ask you to send some brief assessment material by email. 
New lessons will be posted on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. 
If you have any questions about your work, please write an email to your teacher. They will check their emails every day. 

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