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Sadiq Public School honours its mission as national integrity and growth of its students' education.

Every pupil is expected to acknowledge the importance of and to use his concerted effort to achieve excellence in, or at least improve himself / herself in:-

  • Academic learning and achievements

  • Sportsmanship

  • Morals and behaviour

  • Discipline

  • Creativity

  • Co & Extra curricular activities

Sadiq Public School aims to offer the widest possible range of innovations in the subjects, activities and pursuit available to every student.

In academics as well as in sports Sadiqians have always shown marvellous and exceedingly superb performance to bring laurels to their institution. Sadiq Public School has produced young enlightened scholars who are serving in the country in different fields with their extra-ordinary ability, potential and capability. Sadiq provides rich examples of devotion and honour in the form of those old Sadiqians of this school whose patriotism and fortitude has become a part of national history. Today some 30 old students of the school are sitting in the Senate, National Assembly and Provincial Assemblies. This large congregation of legislators far exceeds the number furnished by any single institution of Pakistan today.

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